Best Dash Cams 2023: protect yourself and your car

They are the best surveillance cameras for vehicles
A dash cam is like a closed-circuit television for the motorist. Here’s how to find the best car surveillance camera for you!

The best dash cams, short for dash cams, have become an important means of protection for motorists, but choosing the best dash cam can be difficult, especially if you’re buying one for the first time.

Even if you already have a dash cam or have bought one in the past, technology is moving so fast that it’s worth catching up on the latest kit to see if you’re still using the best dash cam for your needs.

The technology has a lot in common with the best action cameras, but has been specially adapted for in-car needs.

Dash cams come in all shapes and sizes, with feature sets and prices to match. Some shoot in 4K, some have ‘night vision’ and some even offer driver assistance tech, while others try to score points for being compact, cheap and easy to use.

At A Glance

No products found.

The Best Dash Cams

While what you want from a surveillance camera may vary, the basics are pretty simple and universal. These are cameras that record a front view of the road as you drive; If you’re unlucky enough to be in an accident, or witness one, the camera can save your footage to an SD card, ready to be used as evidence.

Some stay affixed to your windshield and start recording when you turn on the ignition, making them feel like optional factory extras. Others can be stored in your glove box and then attached to a magnetic base on the windshield for each trip.

Some models can connect to the second rear camera and other systems record time-lapse footage for a couple of days after last parking, thanks to power from the car’s battery.

There are also some new hybrid devices like the Akaso EK7000 Pro, a 4K action camera with a remote that also doubles as a dash cam. We reckon you’ll see more and more of these hybrid devices on the market.

Our Recommendations For Best Dash Cams

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Most are wireless car surveillance camera

With so many options to consider, we’re here to guide you through the best car surveillance cameras available right now…

Best Dash Cams Overall

No products found.

Video quality: 1440p with HDR at 60fps | View Angle: 180 degrees | Integrated GPS: yes | Display: 2.0-inch LCD, 320 x 240 US

  • Compact size
  • High resolution
  • Extra-wide field of view
  • more expensive than some
  • Battery life is only 30 minutes

The new Garmin Dash Cam 66W replaces our favorite surveillance camera from last year, the Garmin 55. The new model retains its predecessor’s compact size and ease of use but increases the field of view from 122 degrees to 180 degrees. Degrees. , giving a much broader view of the front of your car and the road ahead.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) video recording is also new to help retain detail in high-contrast lighting.

At the same time, a Wi-Fi connection to your smartphone and the free Garmin Drive app means you can connect up to four cameras at once and sync the video they record, provides a 360-degree view around your car.

Battery life is only 30 minutes without plugging into your car’s cigarette lighter socket, and if you opt for a wired pro, the camera (or cameras) will stay on when parked.

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2. Nextbase 622GW

Best Nextbase wireless car surveillance camera

No products found.

Video quality: 1440p at 30fps / 1080p at 60fps | Integrated GPS: yes | Display: 3-inch LCD LOW STOCK

  • Fantastic video quality
  • Amazon-Alexa
  • Emergency S.O.S.
  • Not 4K (but that’s good!)
  • Menus need updating

While it doesn’t offer the 4K option (or higher price) of its big brother the 612GW, the Nextbase 622GW arguable offers superior image quality.

At both 1440p (30fps) and 1080p (60fps) video is crisp and clear, and it’s worth noting that 4K is something of a poisoned goblet, given the resulting file sizes.

As the first camera to bring built-in Alexa functionality to Europe, it offers voice control over everything from recording incidents to playing music to requesting directions.

Perhaps its best feature, though, is Emergency SOS, which can detect a serious collision and alert emergency services to the exact whereabouts of your vehicle if it goes unresponsive. This potentially life-saving feature makes the 622GW hard to beat.

3. Thinkware U1000

Best 4k wireless car surveillance camera

No products found.

Video quality: 4K UltraHD | View Angle: 150° | Integrated GPS: Yes | Screen: Yes

  • Super sharp 4K video
  • Wide variety of functions
  • Front and rear dash cam option
  • Expensive
  • must be wired
  • No built-in screen
  • 4K video files can be massive

One of the most trusted names in disIf you’re looking for a dash cam that sings and dances and does it all, but also lacks a screen to distract you while driving, here it is.

The Thinkware U1000 shoots sharp 4K video (albeit with the huge associated file sizes) through a wide 150-degree lens. There’s built-in Wi-Fi and GPS, which are used to send speed camera alerts and add location and speed data to all your recordings.

A front and rear Thinkware U1000 can also be purchased and connected to the main unit, which shoots in 2K resolution at 30 frames per second for sharp images of what’s going on behind you.

Enhanced night vision and wide dynamic range help produce high-quality video day and night. We admit this is an expensive option and needs to be attached to your vehicle.

But if it’s a high-quality, feature-packed dash cam you want, this is it! Positives like power banks have expanded their reach into dash cams, and the Anker Roav C2 has some formidable features that make it worth it.

worth considering. Its headline feature is the tag team of a Sony Starvis sensor and Nighthawk technology, to give you “full night vision” and the ability to record plates no matter how dark it is.

The C2 is also designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, operating from -4° to 158°F (-20° to 70°C), making it suitable for cold and sunlight.

Its built-in gravity sensor automatically records impact incidents even if you’re not in the car, and you can easily pull the footage onto your phone with the Roav app, though transfer speeds can be slow on Android phones, as is the case. GPS tracking in real-time.

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4. BlackVue DR900S-1CH

Best Budget Dash Cams

No products found.

Video quality: 4K at 30fps | Integrated GPS: Yes | Screen: Yes

  • Cloud access for remote viewing
  • 4K video resolution
  • no screen
  • Most cloud features require a monthly fee

The BlackVue DR900S-1CH offers a sleek factory look, but also has the benefit of a slim and compact design. The DR900S-1CH offers 4K video recording, a wider lens than most of its rivals (162 degrees), GPS, and parking mode.

On top of all that, there’s a cloud-based subscription package for viewing live and recorded footage remotely, and a service that sends a notification to your smartphone when the camera detects a collision – useful if your car has been hit. while you are away.

Not everyone will want to pay for a subscription service, but we can see that the additional benefits are useful for fleet managers who want to monitor their vehicles.

5. Nextbase 522GW

Best Nextbase Dash Cams

No products found.

Video quality: 1440p at 30fps / 1080p at 60fps | View Angle: 140 degrees | Integrated GPS: Yes | Screen: 3 inch HD IPS touch screen

  • Integrated GPS for location and speed data
  • Integrated Alexa voice assistant
  • The emergency SOS could save your life
  • Thick and unattractive design
  • Perhaps too many features for some

The Nextbase 522GW is a great dash cam for those who want a full suite of features, including Alexa, GPS, and Emergency SOS, but are also on a budget.

The 522GW shoots 2K resolution (1440p) at 30 frames per second, or normal Full HD 1080p at 60fps. It also features a 140-degree viewing angle, built-in GPS for accurate location, direction, and speed data, and even Amazon Alexa.

This means that using your smartphone’s internet connection, the 522GW works as an Alexa smart speaker at home, letting you play music, listen to news headlines, get directions, and even control your smart home devices on the go.

Emergency SOS can detect a collision and then, if the driver doesn’t respond to a warning, it will alert local emergency services and share their location, which could save lives.

6. Nextbase 322GW

Best Affordable Dash Cam

No products found.

Video quality: 4K at 30fps / 1080p at 120fps | View Angle: 140 degrees | Integrated GPS: Yes | Screen: 3 inch HD IPS touch screen

  • Integrated 4KGPS video quality for location and speed data
  • Integrated Alexa voice assistant
  • Emergency SOS with location support
  • What3WordsBigger than some

This is the big brother of the Nextbase 522GW, and it’s the best option if you want a 4K dash cam without needing the hardwired dash device in your vehicle.

The increase in video quality is remarkable, and there’s the added feature of support for What3Words. A nifty global system you can use to give first responders your precise location with just three words (and it’s a proven lifesaver).

With an easy-to-use app that connects your smartphone to the 322GW via your Wi-Fi network, you can easily view all your clips and download the ones you want to save or review.

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7. Thinkware Q800 Pro

Best High resolution dash cam

No products found.

Video quality: 1440p (front), 1080p (rear) | View Angle: 140 degrees (front and rear) | Integrated GPS: Yes | Screen: Yes

  • High resolution 1440p resolution
  • Subtle designSpeed ​​camera alerts
  • Wiring required for some features
  • Expensive
  • Potentially over-featured

If you want a dash cam that does absolutely anything but 4K, the Thinkware Q800 Pro is for you. As well as shooting in high-quality 1440p with advanced night vision, the camera also has a wide range of security features.

These include speed camera alerts, lane departure and forward collision warnings, and a system to alert you when the vehicle ahead is moving away, sparing you an awkward beep from the driver behind.

Wide dynamic range and auto exposure help keep footage sharp in low or low light conditions, and it’s all shot through a 140-degree lens.

A second Thinkware Q800 Pro Front & Rear is also an optional extra. And if you connect the Q800 Pro to your car (giving it a permanent battery power source), there’s an intelligent parking mode for recording incidents while parked.

Because it lacks a screen, the Thinkware Q800 Pro has a more subtle design than most dash cams, hugging the windshield and fitting neatly under or behind the rearview mirror.

Designed to be a permanent addition to your car, the camera attaches to the screen and works best when connected, so there’s no quick way to switch between multiple vehicles.

8. Kenwood DRV-A601W

Best Kenwood Dash Cam

No products found.

Video quality: 1080p | G Video quality: 4K at 30fps / 1080p at 120fps | View Angle: 130 degrees | Integrated GPS: Yes | Display: 3-inch HD IPS touch screen Built-in PS: No | Screen: 3.0-inch LCD

  • 4K video quality
  • magnetic display stand
  • Camera coverage is not as wide as some

Great Value 4K Dash Cam

Kenwood is a popular choice if you buy your dash cam from a dealer, but you can also buy their range of dash cams online. This 4K model is a great value and offers useful features like built-in GPS, a bright f/1.8 wide-angle lens, and a built-in polarizing filter to cut windshield reflections. The magnetic mount makes this easier and easier between different vehicles, than with some rivals.

You get a 16GB SD memory card included, but you can use up to a 256GB capacity if you want to keep footage for longer, or do a lot of driving. A dual camera kit is also available.

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9. Thinkware F800 Pro

The F800 Pro brings speed camera alerts, night mode, and a factory look

No products found.

Video quality: 1080p | Integrated GPS: Yes | Screen: Yes

  • factory look
  • Enhanced night vision mode
  • no screen
  • Expensive

If you want a dash cam that looks like it was installed in your car at the factory, the Thinkware F800 Pro is for you. It is designed to fit snugly against the top of the windshield behind the mirror and neatly out of the way.

The Pro model can also be connected to your car battery, meaning it will start when you turn the key, continue recording while parked, and leave your car’s 12V socket free for other uses, like charging your phone.

There’s also an enhanced night vision setting to improve low-light video, speed camera alerts, and the option to install a rear-facing camera, too (check out our guide to the best front and rear dash cams).

There’s no touchscreen, which could be seen as a negative, but Wi-Fi means it’s easy enough to connect the camera to your smartphone to view recordings and tweak settings.

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